Omega pallet racks

In many cases production waste in one way or another obstructs production. We use our vast experience from many different companies to find a suitable solution to make handling of production waste as effective and efficient as possible and at the same time improve quality for all parties involved.

One way of doing this is with galvanized palletracks. Omega BV can supply these racks free of charge so that:

  • internal transport of production waste is minimized.
  • valuable storage space can be saved because these racks van be stacked up to 4500 Kg.
  • Trucks can be loaded faster and the loads are easier to secure.

  • Assembled
    Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
    Inside 1300 940 1100
    Outside 1540 1180 1250

    Assembled weight 50 kg
    Load capacity 1250 kg
    Load capacity per stack 4500 kg

    See pictures "Omega rack 1050mm pole - Assembled"

    For transport-purpose of the empty racks we build stacks of 18 racks +72 loose poles.
    This stack weights ca. 900kg

    See picture "Omega rack stack"

    Palletracks stacked for storage
    Pallet racks stacked
    Palletrack assembled, ready for use
    Omega rack 1050mm pole - Assembled
    Palletracks used to store reels, in this case self-adhesive plastic
    Palletrack in use