Sustainability is one of the key points of our organization. We strongly believe in waste hierarchy, often phrased as "reduce-reuse-recycle" and we see opportunities to help our partners to be more sustainable by reusing material rather than recycling it.

The most efficient and economicaly sensible way to manage waste is to not have to manage it at all. Unfortunately it is not possible to produce without any waste. Still our partners and suppliers try their best to reduce the amount of raw material they need for production as well as reduce the amount of waste that is produced.

The goods we buy are often labeled as production waste that previously used to go into landfills. It is our goal to give as much of this material as possible a new life as product so it doesnt have to be recycled or disposed. If it is not possible to use the products we find ways to not have to send anything to landfills. We are not afraid to make an effort to make material recycleable so that it can be used to make new raw materials.

To reduce our own impact on the planet we use electric machines instead of diesel or gas powered we reduce our carbon emissions and the electricity we use comes purely from renewable sources. We also seperate our waste and recycle as much as possible.

We do not think of sustainability as only a marketing tool, but we firmly believe that it is the duty of companies to protect the planet and make sure future generations can live healthy lives. Not only in terms of raw materials we extract from the earth, but also in terms of living conditions for the people that live on it.

Omega BV is government(NIWO) certified and allowed to transport, collect, trade and mediate waste transactions.

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Waste hierarchy