Within our 30 years of working in the industry we have seen it all and we've worked with a number of trucking companies and freight forwarders. We understand that every supplier and customer is unique in their logistical requirements. What is a high priority for one supplier, might be unimportant to another and therefore we work together with our partners to make sure everybody is happy with both service and price.

If our customers or suppliers have any special requests we will find a solution together. We can nutralize packaging or relabel the goods are needed.

Due to our network of logistics partners all over the world we are able to arrange fast and reliable shipping options, wether it's a full truck load, a partial truck load or a shipping container, everything is possible usually within 48 hours.

In our well-equiped warehouse we have everything necessary to unload trucks and containers without damage. We can process the goods in our own warehouse if needed and prepare goods just like the customer requires for trouble-free shipping and unloading at the destination.

Would you like more information or would you be interested in co-operating with us? Feel free to send us an e-mail!